HVAC Services in Austin, TX

HVAC Services in Austin, Leander, Marble Falls, TX and Surrounding Areas

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Nowadays, many people feel that everyone is dependent on machines, but machines are invented to make our lives easy.

No matter how cold it is outside, we get out of our blankets to finish our daily chores when we have heaters. We never melt during summer as our AC always protects us, while ventilation assures us we never breathe in the poor air.

In simple words, “No need to hide from the weather, go for the HVAC system rather” While your HVAC system provides you comfort, good health, and a refreshed mind. In return, it needs repair service or replacement.

These services are Raptor Heating and Air’s expertise. We are HVAC contractors always ready to serve with the best HVAC solution.

How Does an HVAC Contractor Work?

We are HVAC contractors based in TX, and we provide AC, heating installation, servicing, HVAC repair in Austin and surrounding locations.

In HVAC, H stands for heating, V stands for ventilation, and AC for air conditioning. The HVAC company resolves every minor or major issue of these systems. Hence, the purpose of the HVAC expert is to fulfill the comfort needs.

We at Raptor Heating and Air give our best to meet all your HVAC demands. The HVAC system is essential nowadays as it keeps us stress-free during the extremely busy routine. We rely on an air conditioner or heating system for a comfortable work atmosphere and leisure time.

Why and When Does the HVAC System Need Repair?

All the HVAC units have similar structures, problems, and solutions. Both AC and heating can make you experience the ahead listed problems when they need a repair:

  • They become more noisy than usual
  • Foul smell with almost negligible airflow
  • They shut off frequently and then turn on again
  • Alarming refrigerant leaks
  • Causing circuit breaker tripping
  • Working exact opposite of what they are supposed to do
  • Uncontrolled humidity level
  • Electricity bills are increasing rapidly

When you face anything from these, you will have two choices: cost-effective repair now or the system replacement later. However, prompt servicing can save you from both situations.

Raptor Heating and Air Solutions Include:

  • Air conditioner installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement
  • Heating system repair, tune-up, heat pump services
  • Enhancing air quality, filtration, ventilation, and dehumidifiers
  • Ductless maintenance, repair, and other related services
  • Appliance services for microwaves, ovens, refrigerators, etc.

These services show our versatility.

If HVAC repair in Austin is your need, go for Raptor Heating and Air. We leave no stone unturned in finding the problem and fixing it on time. Our services have no time restrictions.

With 24-hour services, we also don’t charge any overtime fees. Your worries will exit soon after our technician’s visit. Meeting your expectations is our aim.

For furnaces, AC installation, and HVAC services in Austin, you don’t need to take extra time to visit us as the facility for virtual appointments is also there. You can also call us on 512-713-5914 to receive our services.

Services In Austin, TX

Raptor Heating and Air can handle all of your home air conditioning and heating needs. We are fully accredited with the State of Texas and can properly install new equipment as well as repair and service your existing units. We can even help with your appliances! Give us a call for details. See our Service Agreements (below) for more information.

Services In Austin, TX

The Raptor difference is a far more comprehensive and meaningful cleaning and upkeep of your inside and outside equipment that results in a longer life and more efficient performance. The results of proper care will not only reduce repair/replacement costs, but also aid in a lower utility bill due to optimum efficiency.

Services In Austin, TX

Raptor Heating and Air (Texas Licence TACLA00094179E)
can handle all of your commercial HVAC needs from new construction to repairs and replacement of equipment. Add to your bottom line with our competitive pricing structure and get more for less.


A service agreement consists of checking all electrical components such as capacitors, transformers, roll-out switch, circuit board and much more. We’ll check your refrigerant level, air flow, clear the drain line and add algae treatment to the pan to help prevent your drain line from clogging in the future. We’ll also clean the outside condensing unit thoroughly and change the inside filter. We can use your filter or, save your self a trip to the store and use one of ours.* It doesn’t stop there, we also check the float switch and make sure it’s working properly to prevent unpleasant shutdowns or water damage. If one is not installed we can install one for an additional cost but we need to know the size before arriving.

*Air filters are provided by customer in base priced service agreements. Raptor will gladly provide the filters at an additional cost. Your filter size must be specified prior to arrival.

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We service most home appliances! Give us a call!
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  • Commercial & Residential (including mobile homes)- Call us!
  • First responders, seniors, and the military receive a 10% discount. Some restrictions may apply. Details available at consultation.
  • MOBILE HOME Installs

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