Tips For Furnace Maintenance In Winters

In the winter, one cannot compare the need for a furnace with anything else. It is the most important equipment to provide heat and comfort to our homes. Without a furnace, one cannot handle the chill of this weather.

Through proper maintenance of a furnace, one can ensure that they will spend the entire winter in solace. Improper maintenance could result in excessive power usage, harmful emissions, and even a total system breakdown.

Some Basic Suggestions for the Maintenance of a Furnace:

  • Early Maintenance

To prevent any malfunctioning during the winter season, one should start the maintenance of a furnace beforehand. If any repairs are required, an expert can fix them earlier, and one would be saved from a lot of trouble during the winter.

  • Perform the Eye Test

An eye test means that a technician must visually inspect a furnace to check if the venting pipe and the drainage tubes are safely fastened and angled. Also, check for the presence of the smell of rotten eggs. It can indicate any gas leaks.

  • Clean the Drainage Tube

The gases present in the furnace produce some water due to heating. Some water becomes steam, while some water is collected in the drainage tube. Clogging of the drainage tube can result in shutting down the system. So, to clean the tube, detach it and blow compressed air through it.

  • Dusting

Complete cleaning and dusting enhance the efficiency of a furnace. You could use a soft paintbrush to clean its inner parts. Vacuuming is also a good option for the proper dusting of the furnace.

  • Examine the Thermostat Wires

To ensure that check if the thermostat wires are tightened properly or exposed to any harmful element.

  • Clear the Flame Sensor

If the flame sensor is not clean, it can cause the system to stop working. Therefore, you should clean it annually. You can refer to repair services like HVAC repair Austin for proper cleaning.

  • Maintenance of the Filter

The filter is the most important component to be looked after. Dirty filters can restrict the airflow, which strains the fan motor. Excessive strain on the motor can cause partial or complete breakdown of the furnace.

This excess motor work also leads to more energy and, thus, higher electricity bills. Thus, the replacement of the filter every three months is a must to ensure the longevity of a furnace. You can obtain professional help from the heating service in Austin.

  • Check the Blower Motor and Fan

Dust or dirt in the blower motor can stop it from functioning. Thus, it is necessary to be cleaned regularly.

  • Professional Help for the Maintenance

A professional technician can help with the effective maintenance of the system. They examine the furnace thoroughly and can make any required repairs in no time. Maintenance by professionals once a year will ensure the durability of the furnace.

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